Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Not Just Your Average PTA

Posted by G

Friends of Oakwood, commonly know as FOO, is a committee of parents who help organise various fun activities for the children and parents throughout the year.

We’re not PTA with the endless cakes sales and sponsored walks; far from it!  Nothing is beyond our team: Firework Evenings, Seasonal Fetes, Wine Tasting Evenings , Summer Balls and the Circus.
Hopefully, this new website will become a focal point, keeping you up to date with up and coming events and be the place to see (or in some cases, cringe at) photos from all our events.

To help us continue to be so fab, we have a 'Help Needed’ and a 'Wish List' page of what’s needed for forthcoming events.

There is also a 'For Sale' page for uniforms, equipment and anything else you want to sell.   And don't forget the Parents Directory!!