Sunday, March 24, 2013

80’s School Dinner Disco Night

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Frustrated that the kids seem to have all the fun these days?  Well now’s the chance to re-live (some for the first time!) those 1980’s school days.

Ferris Bueller eat your heart out. Dig out your Rubik’s Cube,  dust off your shoulder pads, round up your mates from the play ground and join us for a night of turned up school skirts, school ties round the head and school dinners! All to the sounds of the 80’s taking us back.  This time, the bar isn’t out of bounds!

£15 per ticket includes:

School dinner Cottage Pie and Peas with Arctic Roll for pudding brought to us by our very own school dinner team and served in the School dining room. 
Test your memory 80s Quiz
Disco playing the best and the worst of the 1980s!

Registration at 8pm sharp in Lyne Hall

Pick up by 11.30pm

Food Options

Table name if applicable